Fans’ shots from the three Mexican gigs

Hello again. Here are the last of the pictures from the Latin American tour which you guys emailed in to us. Thanks very much to everyone who sent in their pics, reports and greetings during the tour, we enjoyed reading them back here at Keane HQ. We’re told that it’s a lot harder to get a camera into a gig over there, so many of the pics were taken on mobile phones, which makes them even more impressive.

In other news, thanks to all of you who responded to Rob’s blogs by a) offering suggestions on how to clean lino and b) offering to go on a date with ASBO. It would take the lad several years to travel across the world visiting all of his potential beaus (at least two of whom admitted to being married…)

Anyway, onto the pictures from Mexico. We’re not exactly sure where this first one was taken, but it shows Tom with a Mexican national football shirt (if only he’d held it a little more to his left it would’ve looked like he was embracing a man with no head).

Picture by Charlie

24.04.07 Monterrey, Mexico

Picture by Coca

Picture by Ivan

Picture by Magdalena

Picture by Simona

Picture by Yesenia

26.04.07 Guadalajara, Mexico

Picture by Clara

Picture by Maggie

Picture by Meygan. Very arty!

27.04.07 Mexico City. Mexico

Picture by Alejandra

Picture by Rebecca

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