Your pictures from America 31 January 2007

Your shots from LA, Berkeley and Portland

In last week’s Keane Weekly Newsletter (sign up by clicking ‘Newsletter’ over on the left) we asked folks going to Keane’s current US shows to send in their pictures. We were wanted to know a) if the shows looked good and b) if the legendary Keane shower curtain had made it across the pond. The answer to both questions, it seems, is yes.

Thanks to all of you who sent in pictures – sorry we didn’t have room for them all. We’ll post some pictures from Seattle and Vancouver later this week (well, assuming somebody’s kind enough to send theirs to

LA, The Wiltern – 26th Jan 2007

Picture by Carolyn

Picture by Jennifer

Picture by Jolene

Picture by Melinda

Picture by Yessi

Berkeley, Community Theater – 27th Jan 2007

Picture by Alison B

Picture by Michelle A

Picture by Tracey D

Picture by Emily B

Picture by Tracey D

Portland, Roseland Theater – 29th Jan 2007

All Portland pictures by Kerry M

Thanks again to everyone who sent in their shots. They’re ace.

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