Fans’ shots from the Knowsley Hall show

Thanks to everyone who sent in their best picture to – we’re amazed that your cameras were still working in all that rain!

Picture by Boulay

Picture by Anna1976

Picture by Amanda (who appears to have taken shelter at the back of the stage!)

Picture by David Shutt

Picture by MaryDM

Picture by saliwali

As well as the pictures, we were also sent a review of the show by J (aka Thinking Girl from Keane’s forum). It’s rather good, so we thought you might like to see it:

The moment Keane stepped out on stage all the mud, the waiting was gone in an instant. Enviably wearing dry ‘real’ shoes, Tom never stopped entertaining me for their all too short set. He’s a master of owning the songs, really meaning every word, emphasised by expressive hands and his talent for natural movement. An hour of pure pleasure, viewed from about three back from the barrier, on Tom’s side of the stage. If I stood on tip toes I could just see (strangely reassuringly) Tim’s leg in full shake-down mode, getting into the swing of it. Richard had more stage presence too, singing away, then beaming as he waved drumsticks in the air and clapped the crowd.       

Tom’s voice remains my number one reason for going to Knowsley, I struggle to find words to adequately describe his ability to deliver quality with such control, yet emotion. All my favourites were played to perfection – Atlantic, Try Again, Bedshaped, Everybody’s Changing. Notably, I thought the backing vocals on Leaving So Soon were better than the album. There was plenty of eye contact between the band, perhaps signifying closeness currently and I felt the band pull together. I really appreciated that Tom came down to the lower level of the stage, almost certainly risking slipping, to get closer to the audience, setting the ladies screaming more.                           

I could write about Tom’s hipswing, his towering attractiveness, his ability to transfix, but I’m trying to remain composed! My photos are v. poor, so I’ll leave all that to memory. Towards the end, a girl commented that Tom appeared to have a glowing halo around his head, which made me smile – probably just steam rising in the damp atmosphere?                                                            

As they left too soon, a sound track played which sounded like ‘Goodnight Sweetheart’. Was this Keane’s choice? I’ve got the ‘missing you already’ Keane blues… thank you for a great night.         

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