Your Eyes Open video winner 17 December 2009

Hello. So, here it is, the very last indivudual winner of our H&F video contenst – for Your Eyes Open. This one was judged by Tom. Thanks again to everyone who submitted videos. All indivudual winners each get a signed copy of the Hopes And Fears Deluxe Edition.

Now that we’ve picked all eight video winners, the band are in the process of selecting the overall H&F video contest winner from the eight winners. With such a high standard of winning entries, it’s sure to be a tough task, but we hope to announce the winner very soon.


Airiin from Estonia
Tom: My winner! Beautiful interpretation of the song. Animation does it for me EVERY time. I was totally taken by surprise when the snowmen came to life! Love Richard’s drum fill before the second chorus too! Bloody BRILLIANT!


Anastasiya K in Moscow
Tom: Very good indeed! Definitely a frontrunner with Airrin’s. Loved the Humpty Dumpty element to it and makes me wonder how all these so-called “professional” video directors who send us scripts come up with such bad stories all the time, when we have fans waiting in the wings with far greater imagination. I found it very, very hard to pick between this and Airrin’s.

Scott N from the US
The chorus section is totally inspired! I think we may have to steal that for one of our future videos!! Like the varispeeding, especially in the middle eight. Really simple and effective vid…well done!

Alejandro A from Guatemala
Tom: Unsettling light and angles combined with sense of solitary confinement, so pretty dark emotionally! A more art-house style interpretation…


(In order of entry date)

Joanna Lie from Norway

Roy G from The Netherlands

Frédérique Durbec from France

Mac O in France

Romana in Croatia

Zöe M in England

Mariana in Aguascalientes, Mexico

Amelia H and Viv L in the UK

Sarah G in Germany

Millie and Ellie in the UK

Ana from Portugal

Laura and Carly from Vancouver, Canada

Leanne in the UK

Pilar from Spain

Claire from the UK

Emmanuel in Mexico

Branwen C in the US

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