YOUR CARDIFF PICS 27 February 2007
Your photos from the gig last night

Thanks to everyone who emailed their one best picture from last night's show to (you've been very good at sticking to the one picture rule - thanks). Here is a selection of the best. Three of them are of the ubiquitous group hug, none of them are of the merch stand. Oh well, luckily we got sent a pic of the stand from Birmingham, so we've posted that below. Now, onto the pics...

Picture by Becky Hastings (and definitely not Hestings)

Picture by Charlie Cockram

Picture by James Chalk

Picture by Robert Pullen

Picture by Jane

Picture by Kirsten Chinnock

Picture by Sara Monticelli

And last, but by no means least, the Brummie merch stand...

Picture by Leigh Taylor

Beth didn't get a chance to take any pics in Cardiff. But she promises she'll be taking some at Wemberley...

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