When Keane met Sa DIngding 19 April 2011

Here’s a nice photo of me, Richard and Jesse with a Chinese musician we love called Sa Dingding. We were planning to go into a studio in Beijing to work on a song together on Friday, so we met up on Thursday night for some very delicious Yunnan food.

She was telling us about her childhood in Inner Mongolia, being a Buddhist, studying music in Beijing, inventing her own language to sing in, and many other things which seemed magical and inspiring to us.

We got as far as deciding to work on a weird but very catchy song sketch I’d started, but sadly our studio session was scuppered by Dingding being poorly so that will have to wait.

In the meantime, if you want to check out Sa Dingding’s music (not to mention her fantastic stage outfits), this a good introductory video about her most recent album…

And I’d also recommend checking out ‘Alive’, which is a great song:

Lots of love,

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