We’ve been bootlegged! 28 February 2009


Here’s a funny story for you. You may be aware that Latin American gigs are known for the amazing array of bootleg merchandise which you can always find outside the venue. So, ahead of Keane’s trip to Mexico, the local merch bootleggers will have visited this website to see which T-shirt designs they should be, ahem, "paying tribute to" with their own merch.

Now, as you’ll know, the Keane Shop is temporarily closed, after Trinity Street ceased trading. That means anyone coming to the Keane site and clicking "Shop" is greeted with this story, which we illustrated with this picture:

Imagine the poor Mexican bootleggers’ disappointment – they can’t see any of the official T-shirt designs! But, being an enterprising bunch, they’ve clearly decided to work with what they’ve got. Therefore, ladies and gents, may we present you with quite possibly the best bit of bootleg Keane merchandise ever: the Keane shopping trolley T-shirt!

How amazing is that?! We feel enormously proud. We also like how they very slightly changed the trolley design, possibly in case it’s copyrighted.

Big thanks to Keane’s lighting guru Rob for sending through the picture. Here are a couple more which he sent at the same time…

Look out for news on the new Keane online shop soon…

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