WERCHTER BLOG #2 03 July 2007

Rob sends his pics from Belgium

Hello! Keane played a blinder last weekend as headliners at the legendary Werchter festival. Here are some pics…

Tom’s slightly nervous before the show.

Tim’s on the phone (with Beth and Kyle in the background)

Richard and soundman Iain grab a coffee (from the tip top backstage espresso bar)

Richard’s shoes which ‘have a few years in them yet’.

Keane out on the B Stage surrounded by most of Belgium all singing along to ‘Your Eyes Open’.

Werchter is a brilliantly organised festival. The bill is always amazing. The crowd got to watch Amy Winebarhouse, Snow Patrol, The Killers (amazing as usual) and Peter Gabriel before Keane and The Chemical Brothers afterwards – and that was just one day on the main stage. The rest of the weekend was equally awesome.

Apart from the bands Werchter outclasses most other festivals in a thousand small and not so small ways. Great technical facilities and team (no band’s request is too much trouble), great food both for the bands and the punters and, now, a real push to do things ecologically. This picture was the best way to remind myself to mention all that – although I wonder who used the last of the paper?

And some more pics…

Andy’s guarding the dressing rooms (taken just after he finished dancing along with the Chemical Brothers and started looking hard again).

An out of focus Tim, post show.

Richard’s off to hang out with the Killers (and talk about drums with Ronnie).

Tom’s off home.

I left soon after this which meant that I missed the Keane crew vs Chemical Brothers wii tennis tournament. A big shame.

More soon.


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