Vote for the best Keane mashup track! 14 October 2009

UPDATE: The winner is Paul McCartney vs Keane



Thanks for all of your responses to our story on Tuesday asking for your favourite Keane mashup track. We’ve narrowed it down to our favourite ten (sorry to fans of the David Bowie one, we didn’t think it blended the two songs enough). And now we want you to vote for your favourite. 

Check out the ten contenders below (please be aware there’s some swearing in some of them), then cast your vote above – you’re only allowed one vote, so choose carefully. Whichever mashup is winning at 10am on Tuesday morning (Oct 13th) will be declared the best Keane mashup track.

1. Timbaland vs Keane

2. Lil’ Jon vs Keane

3. 2pac vs Keane

4. Young Jeezy vs Keane

5. Ekclipz vs Keane

6. Morcheeba vs Keane
Click here to hear it

7. Paul McCartney vs Keane
Click here to hear it

8. Pony Pony Run Run vs Keane
Click here to hear it

9. Janet Jackson vs Keane

10. Kelis vs Keane

Now cast your vote!

NB: These links are for listening only – please don’t download anything.

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