Help us to glory in the BT Digital Music Awards

If you’ve enjoyed what we’ve done on the Keane official site over the last year – the live blogs, the fans’ pictures, the on-the-road blogs, Richard’s photos, interviews with the band, the KWN etc etc – then we’d be very grateful if you could vote for us for Best Official Website at the BT Digital Music Awards. It only takes a couple of seconds. Just click on the button below. Thanks guys.

>BT DMA07 Peoples Choice Nominee - Vote for me! title=

Oh, and apologies that you haven’t had a KWN this week. It’s written, but there doesn’t seem to be anyone at the Mass Email Fulfillment Logistics Centre to send it out. Sorry ’bout that. We’ll get it out to you as soon as we can.

Have a good weekend.

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