Video memories #9: Everybody’s Changing 17 July 2014

Hi folks. We're pleased to continue our series of the band's memories of Keane's official videos. Next up is Tim, with his thoughts on Everybody's Changing.

This is another simple-but-brilliant idea. The extreme whiteness of the background is very distinctive I think. I have three comments on this video:

The first is a pretty extreme bit of trivia. The rack of gear next to my piano came from a gear hire company in London, and the employee who assembled it was….none other than future Keane bassist and pin-up Mr Jesse Quin! I know this because, like an endearingly forgetful grandad, he tells me as much every time we see the video or are asked to sign the centre-spread of the Hopes and Fears inlay booklet.

The second is hard to verify, but I'm about 86% certain that the man who plays the doctor handed me a CD of demos by his son Jeremy, who I realised years later was in fact indie darling, singer-songwriter and Summer Camp guitarist Jeremy Warmsley.

The third is very puerile..but I always chuckle at about 3:12 into the video, where it has been edited in such a way that it looks like Richard has been checking out the female body-builder's wiggling backside. In fact I have to say that the brilliant randomness of the aforementioned wiggling backside has to make it one of my favourite moments in any Keane video anyway.



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