Video memories #6: Bedshaped 06 March 2014

To celebrate the release of The Best Of Keane (out now – get it from Amazon or iTunes), we asked the band to share their memories of the official videos of the songs from the album. Next up is Tim, on Bedshaped.

This video is so brilliant that there’s almost nothing to say about it. Corin Hardy had already made our first proper video (Somewhere Only We Know), and we had already seen his incredible stop-motion short film Butterfly. We would never have dared to ask him to let us use his very personal and extremely emotional film to accompany one of our songs, but Corin suggested it and the rest was easy.

Corin added some very clever touches to incorporate the song into the existing film – where the man looks up at the windows and sees the band playing…the "On Your Own?" poster…the lyrics on the toilet wall…the white light flooding through the walls as they collapse. In an era when pretty much any production miracle can be spirited into life with a computer and a few clicks of a mouse, it’s worth giving special mention to the performance footage at the end. Every single frame of that section (there are about 500 I believe) was hand-drawn by the wondrous Dave Lupton over the course of a few exhausting days. Corin and Dave created an incredible work of art that I think is one of the most powerful music videos you could ever hope to see. We’re very privileged to be a part of it.



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