Video memories #3: Spiralling 19 January 2014

To coincide with the release of The Best Of Keane (out now - get it from Amazon or iTunes), we asked the band to share their memories of the official videos of the songs from the album. Up next is Tim, telling us about the Spirallng video:

This is one of my favourite Keane songs and one of my favourite Keane videos. Andras Ketzer did an amazing job of articulating the darkness in the lyrics (and the music, in fact). I don't feel that we really talked about the dark atmosphere of Spiralling very much when it was released, but in fact it's a pretty sinister song about fakeness, homogenisation, narcissism….some unpleasant aspects of human behaviour that seem to be accepted staples of our culture now. Andras' video got that across far better than we ever did in interviews!

I love the way Tom moves back and forth slightly as he sings, towards and away from the screen (within a screen)…it gives his performance a kind of manic, seasick feel. I love the cookie-cutter robots and the too-perfect Metropolis-influenced sex-symbol figure. Even the technicolour screensaver-style chorus sections give you a sense of ultra-sweet tumbling into nothingness, bright but empty, heading into some distant black hole.


#2 Silenced By The Night
#1 Bend And Break

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