UTIS for $3.99 16 December 2010

For today only (that's Thur, Dec 16th) those of you in the U.S. can download Keane's wonderful second album from's MP3 store for just $3.99. Click here to get it.

While we're on the subject of Under The Iron Sea, we've been meaning to mention that those of you based in the UK who loved Sanna Annukka's wonderful cover art for the UTIS album and singles might want to check out the *amazing* Christmas biscuit tin designs she's done for Marks & Spencers this year. Our particular favourite, as pictured below (on the HQ office floor) is a wind-up music box too!

(Nobody asked us to post about these, we just thought you guys might be interested.)

ps - Check out this wonderful, Sanna-inspired animated video for A Bad Dream which thekidmarvel made and posted about in the comments below. Beautiful.

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