USA BLOG #7 08 June 2007

Beth provides the final chapter to the N.American blog

Hi everyone

Now we are well over the jet lag of our North American tour, thought I’d catch up, as it’s been a while.

America was as fantastic as usual, from the very beginning we all had a great time.  Every show was different but absolutely rocking in the usual Keane style. We met loads of you along the way too and, as ever, the band were over the moon with all the support they received.  Our equipment finally makes it back to the UK today, which is the first time it’s set foot on these shores since before South America.  My particular trunk (which usually carries things like boxing gloves, PG Tips tea bags, spare socks, Marmite, excess baggage etc) is absolutely full to the brim of gifts, cards, banners – all sorts of lovely things we were given along the way.  I am setting off shortly to go and work out which gifts belong to which member of Keane!

Lastly, I must give big love and thanks to Rocco DeLuca and The Burden who supported us in the US for the second time.  They are one of our favourite bands ever and we had a great time with them.  Bowling and football were just some of the challenges undertaken along the way (I won at the bowling by a mile, although I’m not too sure how, as I’d never done it before).  The football was mixed sides with both bands and I personally don’t get near that one – far too competitive. But it was a good opportunity to watch everyone running around in 95 degree heat while I caught a sun tan.

Anyway, must go – no doubt see some of you at the Isle of Wight Festival on Sunday.

Take care


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