USA BLOG #5 18 May 2007

Keane’s tech dude Rob writes (and sends pics) from Chicago…

Hello from the Windy City

We’re still having fun, the shows have been great and yesterday, at The Myth in St Paul, we discovered the world’s cleanest club. Not having your feet stick to the floor all day makes a big difference, let me tell you.

(Non geeks skip this paragraph) To mix things up a bit I decided to only use my new lensbaby 2.0 today. This is a, frankly, bendy lens that gives everything an oddly focussed, analogue feel. Or something.

Anyway, here are some pictures from soundcheck at the Riviera Theatre…

Slightly blurry Tim

Richard in shades

This is Richard’s new Lugwig Black Beauty snare drum. From the ’30s I hear. I’m a drum luddite but this boy looks and sounds fabulous.

Not sure what’s so funny

Richard in soundcheck

Tom eyes right

Tom soundcheck

Everyone’s laughing today. Not sure why.

Marquee sign. They need an M.

More soon, Rob

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