USA BLOG #3 15 May 2007

Tech hero Rob’s first blog of the tour – add your comments below it…

Hello everyone. Here’s a bumper crop of pictures from the weekend’s VH1 Rock Honors show in fabulous Las Vegas. I’m sure you all know that ‘what goes in Vegas, stays in Vegas’, but I’ll let you know that some things that you’ll not see any pictures of include: Tom playing Blackjack with Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age; Richard, handsome soundman Ant and I shooting craps with Ozzy’s band (we all lost – send us any spare cash) and stage management hero Mickey fending off the amorous advances of a local lady who seemed to think that, “I’ve got a wife and a daughter, please leave me alone” is some sort of a chat up line.


Tom in soundcheck

Richard and his new Nikon F6

Tim concentrating

Richard, immediately before being told not to take pictures of Police motorcycles by one of Las Vegas’ finest. A small argument followed although luckily neither of us were hauled off to the brig.

Those ‘cycles in full

Tom backstage, pre-show

“Tommy Cash” running through the words one last time

Tom backstage

Richard looking a little nervous

Tim warms up pre show

Tom and Richard on the stage as it revolved round to face the audience

Drummer’s view of that Vegas crowd

Tom listening to Robin Williams’ introduction (that’s him on the bridge to the right of the picture)

Geoff, Tim’s mouse, Tim. I got chased off the stage right after this and the band went on to storm through their cover of ‘That’s All’. Which is stupidly catchy, we’re thinking of instigating fines for anyone caught humming it.

More when I can,


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