Untitled #1 video winner 04 December 2009

Apologies for the gap since we revealed the previous winner for our Hopes And Fears video contest (watching hundreds of videos takes time!). But here is the winner for the fifth song, Untitled #1 - as judged by Richard. Don't forget, we'll be announcing the overall contest winner once we've announced all of the invidual song winners. (The individual winners each get a signed copy of the Hopes And Fears Deluxe Edition.)


Elmira Temirgaliyeva from Kazakhstan (video above)
Richard: This is outstanding. Great ideas, and what an amazing place! The acting is superb, and the storyline too - really feel like it's a man losing his mind, which really matches the song. It's an ambitious video, but I love it.


Luis Coutinho from Sao Paulo, Brazil
Richard: This is really artistic, and i love that it's quite free-form (less narrative-led) - that's a brave thing to do with a video, but the beauty of the footage really pulls it off. You get a sense of fun from the footage of the people, but quite a brooding feeling from the rest of the footage. It's like a film version of my favourite kind of abstract photography.

Marta Micol Torraca Vega from Puerto Rico
Richard: this is really frantic and intense - looks great, then it becomes something really different - I love it when videos surprise, and the way different styles are combined is really cool. It starts looking quite retro, but then becomes really modern, and that really suits the song, then goes back to what looks like really old home-movie footage, which reminds me of the cine-film my dad showed me from when he was younger! A really enjoyable video that keeps going in surprising, different directions.

Hanne O, 15, from the Netherlands
Richard: you picked a really long song to animate to! I love the starkness - it really picks up the dark lyrics of one of my favourite songs. The drawings of the birds are brilliant, along with the raindrop. It's great when it goes white at the breakdown - really well matched to the music, and the ending is properly great (don't want to spoil it for people who are about to watch it!)



(In order of entry date)

Alejandro from Paraguay

Brandi Perez from USA

Craig Winsor from USA

Jenny Castner from USA

Daniela and Natalie from Chile

François Mernier from Belgium

Video by Kittichan in Ireland

Nat Wood and AlexB

Kozo in UK

Matthew Scott from UK

(We're genuinely amazed by the quality of all these.)

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