UK Tour Sold Out! 30 July 2004
Thanks to all of you who wrote in with questions and comments about the tour. We've had so many messages and questions sent to us that it's really hard to reply to them individually. So for those of you who haven't had a reply to your email, we hope this will answer your questions... Keane have no reserves of tickets. We managed to get a few to offer through the website to fans before they were on sale through the normal channels, but those went very quickly. It is something we always hope to do in the future to make sure that you all have the first chance to buy tickets, but it will always be a fairly limited number. There are no plans to add extra dates. On any tour it's not possible to get to all the places wed like to, so we can't make it to everybody's hometown or venue of choice. The websites for the tickets were working but there was a lot of traffic to them so they can be slowed down by busy servers. Once again sorry to all of you who couldn't get tickets, and to those of you who did get tickets for any of the gigs, we look forward to seeing you there! Keane
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