Twittering from O2 13 February 2009


As at least 150 of you already know (because that’s how many followers we’ve currently got) we quietly launched an official Keane Twitter profile a couple of weeks ago, at Well, now we’re ready to launch it properly, and to do so, we’re going to do live Twittering from our seat at The O2 tonight – giving you little updates throughout the entire show, direct to We’ve even figured out how to send pictures in via Twitter.

So, if you’re a Twitter user, head over to our Twitter page and sign up to follow us. If you’re not, just come back to this evening for live updates right here on the website. It’ll be like a live blog, only with shorter sentences.

For those unfamiliar with Twitter, it’s basically a site which allows its users to post short little messages about themselves (a bit like Facebook status updates) and read the updates by people they’re "following". It’s been around a while, but it’s suddenly become very popular. Here at, we think it’s quite good. 

ps – "Why limit yourselves to 140 characters when you can just do a regular live blog like you usually do?" asks Chris in the comments below. Because with Twitter we can do it from our seat, rather than going backwards and forwards to a laptop in an office, which means we can actually tell you about the whole show, as it happens, rather than just bits of it. Plus, we thought it’d be nice to do something a bit different.

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