We're blogging on the way home...

FRI 6.18PM: Hello again. So we're back in London and back on a proper computer (rather than our on-the-road blogging machine), which means we can post some pictures. Tim, Tom and Richard are all staying at various places in London tonight, so they're all heading over there now.

It was fun being on the tourbus, but you do start to get a bit of motion sickness after a while (apparently even if you're well-used to being on them). We definitely wouldn't want to spend that many hours on one every day. No sir.

Thanks for all your comments - it was nice to be able to read those while we were on the bus (the various interpretations of Tom's dream caused much amusement, for example).

Now onto those pictures, taken on our stop at the services on the M6...

Right. That's it from us today. We're going to go and have a shower (they don't have those on tourbuses) and a lie down on a bed that doesn't move (they don't have those either).

See you tomorrow for live blogging from The O2. It's gonna be a cracker, we think. Last night's Dublin crowd will take some beating, but we reckon London can do it.

FRI 4.27PM: It's stopped raining! Ce-le-brate good times, come on!

FRI 3.24PM: Still on the bus, still raining, still slow-moving traffic because of it. It's really not all glamour this touring business you know. Everyone looks like they're hoping we get to London soon. Sadly it's a good couple of hours away yet. Anyway, we notice folks in the comments were interested in Richard's Senna T-shirt. Richard was a big fan of the late racing driver. In fact, he visited Senna's grave when the band were in Sao Paulo earlier this year.

FRI 2.35PM: We just stopped at a service station on the M6, to stock up on coffee, papers and magazines. It's still pouring with rain, which is making the jouney take longer than expected. Thanks to Ken Coogan for the Dublin review in the comments. The band were very pleased when we read it to them.

FRI 2.02PM: Tom's finished watching his film. It was 'The Science Of Sleep' and Tom says it was "brilliant". Pushed for further comments, he says, "It's very surreal. Watch it while you've got your wits about you or you could end up very confused". Meanwhile Richard is now watching 'Arrested Development' on his laptop, a DVD bought for him for Christmas by Colin. And it's still raining. Lots.

FRI 1.03PM: The radio just played a pleasing little ditty called 'This Is The Last Time'. The driver turned it up. Now the news in on. Apparently there are floods everywhere. Will this rain ever end? Oh, and when we said Tim was watching a film in the last post, we meant Tom. Sorry.

FRI 12.45PM: We're back in England now and it's still raining. Richard is up and about, having been listening to his iPod in his bunk for a while. He's wearing an Ayrton Senna T-shirt. Tim is doing sudoku and Tom's watching a film on his laptop. About four hours to go til London, apparently...

FRI 11,37: The bus is now whizzing through Wales, which is as damp as one of the commenters below said. Highlights out of the window so far have included a beach with two horses racing on it and a very nice bridge, with a house in the middle of the river that it crossed.

On the bus, Rich is in bed and the rest of us have been talking about things including Britpop, golf and Live Earth. And Tom's just announced that he'd like to learn to ride a motorbike.

FRI 11.07am. We're back on the bus. Tom's just been telling us that he dreamt he was attacked by a dog last night. "I tried to kick it, but I kicked my bunk," he says. "It hurt." He woke up, it was a bad dream etc...

FRI 10:16am: Hello from the ferry back to the UK. We must nearly be back Holyhead now. In fact, Richard has just spotted land. "Let's hope the captain has too," he says. Tom is asleep and Tim is looking at his phone. More when we're back on dry land...

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