TOURBLOG #2 AND #3 01 March 2007

Tourblogs are like buses. You wait ages for one…

Yes, buoyed by their marvellous Wembley show last night, we’ve just received Tourblogs from both Richard and Tim. Here they are…


For all three of us, the first gig we went to see was at Wembley (U2 Zoo TV tour in the Stadium for Tim and me, and Page and Plant at the Arena for Tom) so playing here was a bit of a lifetime’s ambition, and a bit of a dream. We’ve all been to see some amazing shows here (I particularly remember watching Radiohead during their ‘OK Computer’ tour). We had a great time last night – the sound of the crowd singing was amazing from start to finish.

It’s been a great tour for us – we’re having so much fun onstage, and going out into the crowd gives us a chance to say hi to people further back, and we really feel like we’re still putting on an intimate show – you could have heard a pin drop during Hamburg Song last night. I’ve just got back to the venue for soundcheck for tonight and I’m looking forward to welcoming Polytechnic along for the rest of the tour – I recommend getting along in time to see them if you can (they are on at 7.40). Oh look, there’s Alex Lake…


Great show in Cardiff. Excellently rowdy Welsh crowd. The only downside for me was when I went to meet some fans after the show and a very drunk girl, with a fag in one hand and my neck in the other, insisted on licking my face whilst being photographed. I felt unclean for some time afterwards.

On an equally dubious note, we apparently broke the record for number of people thrown out of the Nottingham arena during a gig.

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