TOURBLOG #1 24 February 2007

Tim reports on last night’s Birmingham show…

During this UK tour, we’ve asked Tom, Tim and Richard to email us with little journals of how things are going on the road. To encourage them, we promised a Curly Wurly to whoever sent the first one – which explains the second paragraph of this first entry, kindly sent to us at 1.15am this morning by Tim…

“We watched ‘Raiders Of The Lost Ark’ on the bus last night after Bournemouth. That has to be one of the greatest films ever made. Tonight’s Birmingham show will be remembered for three things – firstly, it was absurdly massive; secondly, our first use of the 70-foot ‘ego ramp’ and b-stage, which was wicked; and thirdly, my shirt kept unbuttoning itself at the top so I felt like a medallion-wearing Tom Jones-style rock wally… hopefully no one noticed. Tom and I are going to see ‘Hot Fuzz’ tomorrow (Richard’s gone back to London to see The Killers).

Re. the Curly Wurly, when Tom and I were living in Stamford Hill we had a plumber round to fix our bath and after a few minutes he started chanting ‘Currrly Wurrrly’ very loudly. It was very, very odd indeed. But he did fix the bath.”

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