Interview from this week’s KWN

We thought those of you who aren’t yet signed up to the Keane Weekly Newsletter might like to read this exclusive Q&A with Tom which appeared in this week’s email. If you’d like to sign up to the KWN and receive similar stuff direct to your inbox, click “Newsletter” over there on the left. Now, onto that Q&A…

1. What was the last meal you ate?
Crumpets and butter…I’m really letting myself go.

2. Best DVD you’ve watched lately?
Just watched “The Squid and the Whale” – very bleak but also very funny.

3. What colour is your toothbrush?
I honestly don’t know. Probably some gaudy combination of blue pink and turquoise.

4. Name a hotel room number you’ve had recently.

5. Tea or coffee with breakfast?
Normally both during the course of a morning, as well as the obligatory smoothie.

6. Do you like Marmite?
Are you kidding? It’s the greatest food available to humanity.

7. What is the magic number?
28 is my very unlucky number and has been since I was a child, cropping up in all sorts of ways. Worse still I’m 28 at the moment so I’m just keeping my fingers crossed for another 10 months.

8. What is the magic word?
Fuck is a pretty good one. So many possibilities etc.

9. Have you read a newspaper in the last week?
The Portland something or other was knocking around today.

10. Did you watch the Champions League final?
No. Sounds like I didn’t miss too much.

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