Tom’s Best of 2010 23 December 2010

We continue our round-up of Keane members’ highlights of 2010, with the replies from Mr Thomas Chaplin.

1. Favourite album of 2010?
LCD Soundsystem – This Is Happening

2. Favourite single?
Vampire Weekend – White Sky

3. Best gig you saw?
Paul McCartney at Hampden Park. And meeting the man himself before he show. Oh and Mt. Desolation of course! Peter Kay at the o2 was brilliant, if that’s allowed.

4. Best gig you played?
Glastonbury acoustic and Dallas

5. Best film you saw?
Inception is phenomenal, closely followed by Shutter Island.

6. Best journey you made?
Iceland to see the Northern Lights

7. Best TV show you watched?
Downton Abbey, Inbetweeners (please please please make a film of it).

8. Best meal you ate?
Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester but you can’t beat the curry I just ate from the Gandhi Tandoori!

9. Best book you read?
Bad Science – Ben Goldacre

10. Best thing you bought yourself?
My new notebook. I’ve learnt how to write with a pen again.

11. Best thing someone else bought for you?
Piano stool.

12. Best website you visited?

13. Best thing that happened in 2010 for Keane?
Night Train going to number 1.

14. Best thing that happened in 2010 for you?
Playing It’s A Hard Life with Queen at The Albert Hall.

15. Finally, what are you looking forward to in 2011?
The second coming…of Keane.

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