Tom catches up with 19 June 2006

Reaction to the chart success from Mr Chaplin

With Keane now out in the US (where ‘Under The Iron Sea’ is released this week), we gave Tom a shout in LA to find out how the boys are reacting to the chart-topping success of their new album…

Hello Tom! Presumably you chaps were pleased that ‘UTIS’ went in at Number One in the UK?
It’s brilliant. We went into the studio to make a record for ourselves, to try and get our sanity back. The fact that it’s now out there and that there’s been such a positive response is a massive bonus. A big thank you to everyone who helped that happen.

Does it feel good to finally have it in the shops?

It does. I remember when ‘Hopes & Fears’ came out, we just felt so good about seeing it on the shelves, so proud that we’d created this thing out of nothing. ‘Under The Iron Sea’ was basically finished in January, so, since then, we’ve developed a burning desire for people to hear it. It’s a heady mixture of relief and excitement.

Have you bought a copy?

I’ve thought about it. I think I’ll probably buy one in the American Midwest, to avoid the embarrassment of looking like an egomaniac… even if I already am one.

How have the live dates been going?

Great response to the new stuff – joyous singalongs to the old stuff. It’s fun to be able to pick and choose now. The Astoria was a very emotional homecoming. Then I got sick, first with food poisoning and then with a bad throat, but that’s done now. Not being able to sing makes me feel completely inadequate, so it’s good that I’m back on form.

How are things shaping up in the US for the band?

The last time we were here, we visited a lot of places and made a lot of friends. It’s important for us to do well here because it’s a huge part of ‘the dream’. The early signs are great – there’s a lot of excitement from the fans. We can’t wait for the live stuff to kick off – that’s how you make your mark in the States.

So, how did you chaps celebrate being at Number One?

We found out after we touched down in LA. To be honest, we managed to play tennis and then go out for some food before collapsing with jetlag. There hasn’t really been a celebration, but there will be. A big one.

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