TIM’S WAR CHILD BLOG 31 October 2007
Mr Rice-Oxley writes from backstage in Manchester...

Well, the War Child extravaganza is well and truly underway. The Manchester Apollo is packed with the cheery people of this fine town, and the music is  all sounding great.

Our much-loved mystery host retained his mystery status while introducing Findlay Brown, donning an excellently ghoulish garb in honour of halloween. You can see Findlay below, looking ever stylish and composed despite having just played a gig and clambered up about 43 flights of steps with a broken leg.

Our host's disguise was a huge cut-out of peter kay's face. Can you guess who it is yet....? See below. He's just introduced the excellent Milburn, who I'll try to grab a snap of later. It's hard to get them to pose for a pic just now, as they're onstage playing.

If you're wondering why Tom missed the photo, he's currently curled up on a sofa in the dressing room feeling very ill indeed...a double-whammy of minor illnesses according to the doctor. Urgh. He occasionally wakes up to offer up a wish that his voice will hold out for the next two nights... fingers crossed!

We're next. Now, how do all those songs go.....?

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