TIM’S WAR CHILD BLOG #2 01 November 2007

 Tim writes after the Manchester gig

A very fun and chaotic first night of the War Child extravaganza. Don’t know why I keep calling it that…I just like the word ‘extravaganza’ to be honest. Findlay and Milburn were both superb. We were having a great time on stage, but sadly we only got about three-quarters of the way through our set before Tom finally reached collapsing point and we had to call it quits. He
really is not well at all. He’s totally gutted about not being able to get through the whole show, but in truth I’m amazed he managed to go onstage at all. Thanks to you guys for singing your hearts out and keeping the songs going even when Tom was fading!

Needless to say, we’re really, really sorry we had to stop early, and would like to say a huge and heartfelt thank you to all of you who came along to support us and War Child tonight.

Still, our disappointment was somewhat offset by having the opportunity to watch Peter Kay entertaining the audience from the side of the stage just before we went on. His introduction started off as the briefest of preambles, but in typical Kay style soon developed into a 15-minute train of thought on everything from Duran Duran to Heather Mills. By the time he’d hit upon the idea of getting the crowd to do a karaoke singalong of Somewhere Only We Know using only animal noises – one of the more surreal
moments in our band’s history – we were all in stitches and wondering if he was settling in for the duration.

On to London now. An even more busy and exciting day lies ahead.


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