Tim’s Best of 2010 23 December 2010

Our 2010 round-up continues, with Tim’s highlights of the year.

1. Favourite album of 2010?
I think the two records that have really blown me away this year are the Arcade Fire album and the second Vampire Weekend album. Of the two I would pick Vampire Weekend as my favourite, just because it’s so full of life and original sounds and ideas.

2. Favourite single?
Zebra by Beach House. Hypnotic and mysterious.

3. Best gig you saw?
Again, probably Vampire Weekend. I was really blown away by the standard of musicianship and the energy from the band and the crowd was relentless. Very inspiring. Also it was at a fairly unusual venue – the De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill – which I’m very fond of as we used to go there when I was a kid to watch panto and stuff like that. It’s an amazing building and it’s brilliant that they have rock bands playing there now.

4. Best gig you played?
I reckon Toronto in July. A hot night down by Lake Ontario. We were really fired up and played out of our skins.

5. Best film you saw?
Another Year is wonderful. It’s funny how Mike Leigh just observing normal people living their lives is far more emotionally engaging than just about any film packed full of exciting story lines and big stars.

6. Best journey you made?
Probably getting the train to Italy. Needless to say there was a night train involved. Got to say, the Italian sleepers are not quite in the Deutsch Bahn league though.

7. Best TV show you watched?
Mad Men. It’s rare to find a show that’s as subtle and intelligent as this. Plus it looks really gorgeous.

8. Best meal you ate?
We had a great impromptu barbecue and party in the summer which is the kind of memory I really treasure. I’d rather eat burned BBQ food with some friends under a summer sky than any number of fancy restaurant meals.

9. Best book you read?
All Quiet On The Western Front. Hard to believe I hadn’t read this before. It’s just so powerful. And yet the human race still pays so little heed to its history.

10. Best thing you bought yourself?
The DVD of Runnin’ Down A Dream – a documentary about Tom Petty that Peter Bogdanovich made a couple of years ago. It’s about four hours long so you can really get stuck into it. I didn’t even know very much about Tom Petty or his music, but I literally could not stop watching it. It’s incredibly inspiring and emotional, totally compelling. It was recommended to me by John Roderick and is quite possibly the best thing I’ve ever watched.

11. Best thing someone else bought for you?
When I got back from our US tour in the summer, my wife had bought me a battered old Land Rover. I’ve always wanted one. It smells of oil, lets the rain in and sounds like a tractor – perfect.

12. Best website you visited?
Well, you can’t argue with YouTube really. You can find just about anything on there. We were geeking out over the multitracks of Revolver the other day. Musicians are easily entertained by the many "shreds" videos on there, plus this sort of thing which we all loved. We’re simple souls really.

13. Best thing that happened in 2010 for Keane?
There were lots of great moments, especially on the US tour in July/August. I have to say Night Train going to number 1 was so unexpected and meant a lot – that was a big deal for us.

14. Best thing that happened in 2010 for you?
Probably meeting Paul McCartney. We all went to see him play in Glasgow and had a bit of a chat backstage. Very exciting indeed.

15. Finally, what are you looking forward to in 2011?
So many things. Mainly the next album. The new record is still only in its very early stages but we’re working harder than we ever have before to make it really amazing, so I’m very much looking forward to the day we have a finished record in our hands.

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Look out for the picks from Keane’s live bass player, Mr Jesse Quin, between Christmas and New Year.

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