timblog 28 August 2008
Hello again. It's been a very busy few weeks. We flew out to LA, where we waited for baggage with Engelbert Humperdinck, experienced My-First-Earthquake, watched the Ting Tings, laughed heartily with Bret Easton Ellis, and sat open-mouthed as we witnessed Jon Brion improvise his way through a seamless Pet Sounds-in-five-minutes medley at his legendary Largo night. We also finished our album, and watched Fried Green Tomatoes with the sound off, twice.

Got back to the UK a couple of weeks ago, recorded two b-sides, went back to Berlin and forgot to sleep for three days, watched Flight Of The Conchords a lot and started rehearsing the songs for playing live.

I also finally got round to listening to a CD I was given at the Haugesund Festival last year. It's by a Norwegian songwriter called Susanne Sundfør, and I have to say it's truly brilliant. Her songs are utterly gorgeous, and I recommend giving the album a spin if you don't already know her music.

Anyway, we'll soon be out on the road, which is deeply exciting. I'm desperate for people to hear the new songs. My current favourites are You Haven't Told Me Anything and Perfect Symmetry, but I'm pretty fickle and keep changing my mind. It's funny - it's been so thrilling and intense making this record that I almost don't want to let it go. It seems strange to hear our own music on the radio. It reminds me of the first time we heard Everybody's Changing on Jo Whiley's show - incredibly exciting but also a little scary! I hope that as we travel around over the next few months we'll hear other people sing these songs along with us - that, for me, is the biggest thrill of all.



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