Tim: “We’ve been very busy in the studio” 29 July 2011

Hello everyone. Apologies for the recent radio silence from Keane HQ. We’ve been very busy in the studio trying to bash a huge pile of new songs into shape. We started with a list of about 40 songs I think, and our job for the last few months has been to narrow that down to a shortlist of about 15.

It has taken us a while to find an atmosphere and an approach which feels right for the songs and which ties the whole thing together into one cohesive story, but things are finally starting to feel right. Songs that have eluded us through many different attempts are clicking into place at last. And it seems like we’re all agreeing on a ‘sound’ for the album after a lot of experimenting with different approaches. There’s still masses of work to do, but it’s all really exciting and I feel like you guys are going to love it. I hope so anyway!

We were in the very posh Air studios in Hampstead last week. Rocksteady rhythm magicians Richard and Jesse did most of the work, but Tom did some singing too, and I muddled through a couple of piano parts in between trying to work out the chords for Bohemian Rhapsody (that way lies madness). Below are a few photos donated by Messrs Hughes and Quin.

We’ll keep you posted…!

Lots of love,


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