Tim Qs 3 19 June 2009

Yes, it's time for the third and final batch of Tim's answers to your questions. Huge thanks again to the hundreds of you who sent in questions, sorry we couldn't ask all of them. And thanks, too, to Tim for the answers.

Do you like and practise any other Art like painting, sculpture....?
Tim replies: I would love to, but I rarely get round to it. I’m not great at drawing or painting, although I do enjoy both. I’d really like to get into screenprinting. I might go on a course once this touring cycle is over.

Where did you met Jesse?
Sharon Müller:) from Mexico
Tim replies: He was on the crew for one of our arena tours, helping out Colin and Ant.

Keane recently worked with the Canadian-Somaili rapper K'naan. Given the diversity of your backgrounds, did you experience any problems communicating your ideas, or is music truly the "universal language?
Elizabeth from Seattle, USA
Tim replies: In my experience good musicians tend to have a mutual respect for each others' ways of working. With K’Naan it felt form the start that we were all excited to be in a room together and there was a great sense of possibilities. It’s certainly true that some (though not all) of his history and cultural background is wildly different from ours, but it’s funny how people from all over the world and all kind of different backgrounds tend to feel passionately about the same things. The songs we worked on were about quite basic aspects of the so-called "human condition" – time, fear, love, regret. He’s a cool guy and very easy-going, but also very observant and incisive in his lyrics.
Hi Tim. I really liked your cover of 'These days'. It's fantastic. Are thinking of doing another?
Katia from Peru
Tim replies: Thanks! Maybe I’ll do another...I have a couple in mind. But there never seems to be enough time...

Hello tim. you write such amazing words, i wondered if family & friends expect something poetic on their birthday cards other than "from tim"
thanks always donna x
Tim replies: Probably! Unfortunately I’m always terrible at soundbites and saying the right thing generally. That’s probably why I started writing songs. If I had my way I would probably only communicate in songs. I could be like Julie Andrews or something, breaking into song whenever I have something significant to say. (Julie Andrews-related trivia factette – our first album was nearly called A Spoonful Of Sugar – Tom’s idea.)

Is there any Bside song that you really think it should have been put on the album? so you kinda regret it that that particular song was "only" a Bside song and you like "oh! i should`ve put this one instead of this one"?? coz all Keane's Bside songs are also wonderful!!

Have a spectacular Day!!
Febri Feya from Indonesia
Tim replies: Well, there are a few B-sides that we all really love. Snowed Under is one of those. Fly To Me is one of my favourite Keane songs. I’ve always liked Thin Air too. But I wouldn’t necessarily put them on an album. I think it’s good to have a few gems that are hidden away and a bit harder to discover.
Have you ever been driving down the road and had to pull over because of an inspiration to write?
Maggie USA
Tim replies: Yes, often. I normally call my own phone and leave a message.

Have you ever Googled yourself?
Brenda from Buenos Aires
Tim replies: When I read your question I thought I’d give it a try. There’s a lot of nonsense of the internet! My Wikipedia page looks like it’s pretty hit-and-miss. People tend to conflate different events and stories to make one neat story, and it all gets a bit confused.

Hello Mr. Rice-Oxley! What is your favorite game? (I mean anything like a board game, card game, mind game, etc.)
Mia (Portland, Oregon)
Tim replies: MarioKart Wii is pretty brilliant....I could lose days playing that. I’ve never been very into board games or cards, although I used to play vingt-et-un (pontoon) with my Dad when I was a kid. He had this great old set of chips, and it felt like we were playing in some smokey club in India in the 1930s.

My question is simple~Do you have a favorite book that you read over and over again?
Ellie~Charlotte, NC
Tim replies: Two books I read over and over again are Revolution In The Head by Ian MacDonald and U2 At The End Of The World by Bill Flanagan. They’re both utterly brilliant. Another is Any Human Heart by William Boyd, but I find that one so emotional that I have to have a long break between readings! I’ve read Asterix In Belgium quite a few times too.

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