Tim on Glenna Bell’s Keane cover 03 November 2013

We had an evening off in Houston, TX back in January, so I sought out a tiny bar I’d heard of called La Carafe. It’s the oldest bar in Houston, so they say. There were a few people taking turns playing guitars and singing songs, and last on was a brilliant singer-songwriter called Glenna Bell. Glenna and I got talking (she took an interest in my copy of John Fowles’ The Magus), she came to our show the following night, and we have stayed in touch ever since.

Anyway, Glenna recently recorded a cover of Everybody’s Changing which I think is absolutely stunning – possibly my favourite ever cover of a Keane song. You can hear it on her website or download it from iTunes. I feel like Glenna’s reading brings out the passion and spirit of the song beautifully, and I love hearing the song stripped back and enriched by the country warmth of Glenna’s resonant Texan tones. (She also does a mean cover of Watch How You Go!).



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