Tim: Five songs I like 16 August 2011

Hello! Here are five things I’m enjoying at the moment.

Love from Tim
1 The War On Drugs – Baby Missiles

Utterly brilliant song with a fantastic sound. My next ten demos are probably just going to be inferior copies of this….

2 Lana Del Rey – Video Games

Again, lovely song, lovely sound. Very dark and intense.

3 ABBA – The Name Of The Game

Let’s be honest, we take these songs for granted. We’ve heard them too many times. Just listen to this with your headphones on. There is no dead wood – every single moment is filled with a catchy melody or sound. Like virtually all their songs, it’s a masterclass in pop songwriting.

Speaking of ABBA reminds me of this classic Erasure pastiche from their Abba-esque era:

4 Fleetwood Mac live

Check out this performance of Go Your Own Way. Just amazing.


Jesse B Marchant supported Mt. Desolation on a few dates in the USA last year. I got a sneak preview of a new recording of his last week, and it truly blew me away. Sadly, of course, I can’t post that song here because the new record’s not out yet….but in the meantime keep listening to his first record, Not Even In July.

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