TIM BLOG 20 November 2007

Mr Rice-Oxley writes about the DVD release

Greetings. Well, we’re tinkering away on new songs and so on. Some really exciting stuff coming out. But looking back for a minute, the release of the ‘Keane Live’ DVD makes me think about what a bizarre and incredible ride it’s been over the last 18 months. Watching some of the gig at the screening on Friday brought back all the nerves, adrenaline and elation that we experienced on July 21st and every night of the ‘Under The Iron Sea’ tour. That giant show at The O2 was the culmination of a tour where we worked hard to do new things, and we wanted to put on a show that was spectacular and exciting in the way arena shows should be and yet rarely are. I’m really proud of the show and I’m so glad we captured it for posterity.

We’re also very proud of the concert film itself. Dick Carruthers and his gang did an exceptional job. Everyone who was at that gig will remember that the atmosphere was electric throughout, and the most important thing was to make sure that comes across through your TV screens. The colours, the relentless roar of the crowd, the barrage of light, sixty-foot-high marching soldiers and blood-red fish-bombs, the heat and the sweat…. it’s all there, and even though we’ve played those songs so many times, it’s thrilling to be able to stand back and watch that night unfold once more.


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