TIM BLOG 02 August 2007

Mr Rice-Oxley writes ahead of this weekend’s shows

Hello again

We’re supposed to be working on new songs this week, but frankly our work ethic is leaving a bit to be desired. We spent most of yesterday at the bowling alley, locked in an epic battle to knock some sticks over with a big ball. It was a close contest, but I’m very pleased to say I got the highest score, with a deft 180. Experienced ten pin bowlers among you – I’m sure there are many – will be able to tell me whether that’s a good score or not. I suspect not.

Slightly more importantly, we have the last two shows of the UTIS tour coming up. Always a pleasure to visit Spain and Portugal, but I think it’s going to be quite emotional this time. It’s hard to believe the tour is finishing already. It seems like only a few weeks ago we were rehearsing up the UTIS songs in London and taking to the stage at ULU somewhat nervously. This year, in particular, has gone by incredibly quickly, and has definitely been our most enjoyable and memorable run of tours and shows to date. And, of course, the buzz of the massive London show a few days ago has only left us wanting more. Ah well, we’ll just have to make sure we go out with a couple of great gigs this weekend. On past experience, I’ve a feeling the crowds will be up for it! See you there…


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