The view from the crew: Colin 03 September 2009

I start with an apology as many air-miles have been accrued since my last VFTC! Life on the road has been a tad hectic of late but joyous all the same.

Our passports have been heavily stamped this album cycle as we approach the final hurdle. We are currently in the Russian Federation and what a fabulous country it is to wave goodbye to our European travels for 2009.

Having bussed around for three days last weekend playing to the beautiful people of France, Netherlands & Switzerland we flew gently into St. Petersburg on Monday afternoon although Tim did turn a peculiar hue as we boarded the plane witness to a Kwik-Fit mechanic changing the wheel just below the cockpit.

We encountered some bumpy flights in Asia recently but I’m not sure what was more enduring – the planes bouncing around like a roller-coaster or Tom’s determination to crack me with his constant barrage of "heeeeelloooooooo". Note to Tom – "I will not be broken"…

Having spent a relaxing couple of days in the gorgeous city of Saint Petersburg (Richard will furnish y’all with photographic evidence I’m sure) it was time get back to business and perform in front of 2000 extremely ecstatic fans at The Glav Club last night. We haven’t been that hot since stepping off the plane in Dubai recently! The boys do love to get down & get sweaty and considering they are not as young as they used to be their energy levels continue to surpass all expectations.

A lack of hot water at the venue shower and a tight schedule betwixt show ending and train leaving meant a swift exit from the gig last night so everyone could freshen up before our overnight trip to Moscow. It wasn’t long before we were on our way to the train station, adrenalin pumping with excitement at the thought of our forthcoming sleeper train adventure!

Much has been said about the journey betwixt these two beautiful cities and I felt it was important the band experienced it first hand. Thank you to the lovely train company for providing an additional first-class carriage just for KEANE! It wasn’t long before things descended into chaos. Nine berths on the carriage meant Tom, Tim & Richard lucked out and got their own berth whilst the rest of us amicably shared two to a berth.

Now, when I say "first-class" I do use the term rather loosely (again, Richard will furnish y’all with photographic evidence I’m sure!). Whilst I was providing a turn down service and chocolates on the pillows for the girls’ cabin, before I knew it Beth was staggering towards us in her Juicy Couture, cheap sherry bottle in one hand and two flutes clinking in t’other – several of Team KEANE had obviously already found the bar 10 carriages away!

Carnage ensued as a party was underway monitored closely by the lovely Olga our carriage attendant who gainfully attempted to engage in conversation with us despite her limited English. "Tea" seemed to be the only word of English she knew although I never did see a cup of tea until this morning when she took a shine to Tim and replenished him with two glasses of the finest Russian tea in exchange for a photo "for famileee".

Our disco carriage was looking slightly more tattered as we rolled into Moscow this morning but we thoroughly enjoyed our lavish train experience. As we stepped off the train the boys said hello to the lovely fans who shared the journey. Slightly bleary-eyed we made our way to the hotel…..

It’s time to get into show mode now so I will bid you a fond farewell.

"Oh the banter"


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