The view from the crew 08 November 2008

Friday evening / Munich


So, picking up where Colin TMTTS left off last Sunday, can you believe we're already at the end of our second week in Europe?

Sunday turned out to be a truly lovely day off in Oslo. It was cold, quiet, very tranquil and included two hours of tennis. I played Ant, Tim played Thom and then we all played doubles. I quote The Kids From Fame (if you're old enough to remember) "Right here is where you start paying - in sweat".  Well I'm still paying. I pulled several muscles in places I had no idea even existed. Tom jumped in a car over to the nearest driving range, Richard and Jesse went for a long walk and took lots of photographs and we all ended up in an Irish pub for fish & chips.

Monday's show in Oslo was brilliant as always and then we started the mammoth 18 hour drive down to Cologne. Thank heavens for a comfy tour bus.  I commandeered the back lounge at one point and watched Jeepers Creepers with Tom, followed by The Devil Wears Prada. Strangely enough I was on my own at this point!  Colin TMTTS did pop in and out but I think a film that is based on clothes, shoes and "a day in the life of a personal assistant" would not be first choice!

Berlin last night - one of my favorite venues in one of Keane's favorite European cities. Our friends from Teldex Studios came by to watch the show. A large proportion of the record was recorded there so they were all very happy to hear the finished songs.

It's only half an hour away from tonight's show at the Zenith. The production office overlooks the crowd and it's looking busy down there, some familiar faces from the UK too.

I can hear the band starting to warm up (singing Better Than this like their lungs are going to burst) so I'd better be off. 

It's going to be a belter!

See you soon.


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