‘THE NIGHT SKY’: FULL INFO 15 October 2007
Full details of Keane's new single for War Child

As previously announced, Keane are releasing a special single for War Child on October 22nd. As you'll see, the artwork for the single is above. And here are the dates when the different formats will be available:

Oct 22: 'The Night Sky' made available exclusively from

Oct 26: 'The Night Sky' plus B-sides made available at all digital download stores (iTunes, Napster etc). So you'll be able to buy 'The Night Sky' edit, demo and extended versions, plus the band's 'Under Pressure' cover and the Ffrisco remix of 'Put It Behind You'.

Oct 29: Physical single released on 3 formats, CD single, 7-inch and USB stick single. You can now pre-order all three of those from HMV by clicking here. The USB stick is £4.99, with the CD and 7-inch £2.99 (all including delivery).

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