T-shirts #12 14 October 2010

Here’s another cracking crop of your designs for our T-shirt contest. Do keep letting us know what your favourites are, in the comments.

By Zdravko

By Zamizo

By Yoshi


By Wolfram

By Vida K

By Vanisa D

By Valen

By TrevorM

By Tina

By Tadej

By Stephanie C

By Steffi W

By Sharon P

By Schroeder

By S Melo

By Roy

By Rose

By Rhonda S

By Pedro B

By Paul D

By Patrick R

Oscar G (we think they meant "NIGHT"….)

By Michael O

By Matthew F

By Mats

By Marisa

By Mariana C

By Luca

By Lionel D

By Lilli

By Leyli S

By Lexi P

By Kimmy J

By Kayleigh H

By Jessica V

By Hui Yu

By Flor

By Floor



By Fernando

By Evelin S

By Erica S

By Egor

By Dimares

By Claudia L

By Clara M

By Casey A

By Carol

By Barbara V

By Ariadna

By Ariadna J

By Angelica

By Angelica T

By Andru

By Aless

Picking a winner isn’t getting any easier, is it?

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