T-shirt entries #9 04 October 2010

Our T-shirt contest has now closed, and would you believe it attracted MORE THAN 700 HUNDRED ENTRIES. Pretty crazy. And it’s going to take us a little while to plough through them all and pick a winner. But big thanks to everyone who entered.

In the meantime, here’s a bumper batch of entries which caught our eye (and there are plenty more where these came from…) 

By Rory

By Lorraine

By Luis

By Luo S

By Luyo

By Melissa

By Natalie

By Nathan S

By Peter

By Rhonda

By Rob M

By Mariam T

By Tatiana

By Krista P

By Kyle

By Lana O

By Leanne S

By Lena

By Lexi

By Lorraine 

By Luis

By Hanne

By Iain D

By Indra

By Isa F

By Jenny K

By Jolien

By Kaz

By Bekah

By Paivi

By Alma

By Andy

By Angelika

By Camilo

By Clara R

By Dionne W

By Eduardo

By Emma K

By Greg

By Gris

By Alvaro

By Alison O

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