T-shirt entries #13 19 October 2010

Judging for our T-shirt contest is now well underway – but while we ponder the various options, here’s another 50 of the ones which we liked (including quite a few entries from children, which is always nice).

Don’t worry if yours hasn’t appeared on here yet – we’ve got another 100 to put up this week. Keep letting us know in the comments which your favourites are…

By Valerie S

By Sofia R

By Sasha N

By sariux

By Sam S

By Rebecca D

By Orsons A

By Oliwia

By Norman P

By Noor Y

By Noelle

By Nathan P

By Monica

By Mary E

By Marie D

By Longfils


By Kez

By Karen A

By Julie L

By Jodi R

By Jess

By Jennifer T

By Jennifer B

By Jan D

By Jacqueline S

By Italo P

By Ian S

By Fiorella

By Esther G

By Ema

By Diana F

By Claudia

By Charles W

By Caroline C

By Camilla

By Caleb Z

By Brianna M

By Beurie R

By Benz

By Anne H

By Angeline C

By Angel U

By Alvaro

By Aline S

By Alessandro M

By aguS Z

By Adriana

By Adam

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