T-shirt contest FAQs 01 October 2010

After we launched our T-shirt Design Contest earlier this week, quite a few of you posted questions about the competition. So, we’ve out together an FAQs list for you:

Q. Does the design have to be on a white T-shirt, or can the T-shirt be any colour?
A. No, it does not have to be on white. The T-shirt can be any colour. If the winning T-shirt design is on a colour T-shirt that is not available from our supplier we will replace with the closest colour possible.

Q. Does the design have to be Night Train specific?
A. No, it just needs to relate to Keane in some way.

Q. Can I include Keane lyrics in my design?
A. No, sorry – that would raise publishing issues.

Q. Can I use existing Keane logos?
A. You can, but we’d also encourage you to come up with your own new logo ideas.

Q. Can I use previously used illustrations or images?
A. No, the T-shirt design must be all your own original work.

Q. Does the colour of the T-shirt count towards the three colours allowed?
No, it’s the design itself which is limited to three colours. Black does count as a colour.

Q. Is the contest only open to people in the UK?
A. No, it’s open to everyone, everywhere.

Q. Can we send a picture of a drawing?
A. Yes – you can send in anything which shows us your design, as long as you can attach it to an email (Jpegs and PDFs are the best file type). It doesn’t have to be super high quality at this stage. We just need to be able to see your design. But the winner will be asked to provide a high res copy of their artwork for printing, if possible.

Q. Is there a minimum/maximum size for the image?
A. No, it just needs to be able to fit on a T-shirt.

Q. Would you prefer the entry to show the design as it would look on a T-shirt?
A. Yes please. Don’t just send the design – we’d like to see how it will appear on a T-shirt.

We hope this helps!

Please submit your design by email to Entries are limited to one per person and you must have your entry in by 11.59pm on Thursday September 30th. You can send your design in whatever form you like – be it a photo/scan of a drawing or a Jpeg/PNG of a computer-generated graphic. As long as you can attach it to an email and we can see it, that’s fine.

The winning T-shirt (picked by the band) will go into production as a limited edition web shop exclusive.

The winner will receive:

– A framed T-shirt proof autographed by the band
– Five free T-shirts
– £100 gift card to the Keane web store

Click here for the contest Terms & Conditions.


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