T and Oxegen TV coverage 13 July 2009


UPDATE MON AM: If you’re in the UK, you can watch highlights from the band’s set on the BBC iPlayer for the next seven days by clicking here.

UPDATE SUN PM: Phew, BBC3 have broadcast Keane as scheduled – in fact, they’re on right now…

UPDATE SUN AM: Sadly, RTÉ 2fm didn’t broadcast Keane’s Oxegen performance as scheduled on Friday night (even though the band’s management were told that they definitely would be, even as Keane were about to go on stage). However, as Elaine has kindly pointed out in the comments below, four songs from the band’s set are apparently now available on RTÉ 2fm’s website.

We’re pleased to report that Keane fans will be able to check out live coverage of the band’s festival appearances this weekend. Tonight, RTÉ 2fm will be broadcasting songs live from Keane’s Oxegen set, which begins at 11.30pm Irish time. You can listen online, wherever you are, by clicking here and then clicking "Listen" in the top left corner.

Then, on Sunday, Keane fans in the UK will be able to watch a portion of the band’s T in the Park set live on BBC3. The band are due on at 9.30pm UK time, so tune in around then. The set should then be available on the BBC’s T in the Park website too.

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