Super Bock photoblog 18 July 2010

London / Saturday / 1900

home already, in time to pack for the USA / Canada tour we've got coming up. As I mentioned on twitter (@richardkeane) Jesse and I had a long drive to the festival from the centre of Lisbon - it took two hours, the last ten minutes being behind a police escort, or we would have been very late for the show, and we didn't want to keep you all waiting! I took a load of photos on the way, and you can see it getting dark! The very lovely Mr Neil Tennant came to say hi after the show, and I took the opportunity to take a photo for your viewing pleasure. I think it's fair to say that without the Pet Shop Boys, Keane would be a very different band, if it existed at all. here we go... i'm off to dig out my suitcase.

This one is now clickable to make it bigger...


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