Sunshine video winner 14 December 2009

Hello. Here is the sixth of our eight H&F video contest winners – for Sunshine. This one was judged by Richard. Don’t forget, we’ll be announcing the overall contest winner once we’ve announced all the invidual song winners. (The individual winners each get a signed copy of the Hopes And Fears Deluxe Edition.) Thanks again to everyone who submitted videos.


Manida from Minnesota, USA
Richard: This is such a touching idea, and really reminded me of some happy trips over the last year! Great use of the photos from my blog, but also love the way you have linked them, and used UTIS artwork too. This is a huge amount of work, turning the photos into illustrations, then linking them all together. Outstanding.


Katherine from the UK
Richard: There’s something very magical about this stop-motion animation. I love the shot of waving at the camera, and in the simple setting, there’s a real sense of a story here. Thanks!

Jorgelina Ramirez from Argentina
Richard: Another really impressive production – is that the biggest cast yet for a keane video? It definitely reflected the theme of the song. I really enjoyed it.


Filip in Romania
Richard: Great idea for a stop-motion video, and really intriguing. I love all the glimpses of everyday life, like the couples by the lake. Another really creative approach to making a video, and a heartfelt, philosophical theme.

Simona from Italy/Texas
You say in your comments that you don’t have too much talent for drawing, but while I was watching it I was wishing I could draw as well as you! This is a really enjoyable video – you have blended a few visual styles really well, and it looks fantastic. It must have taken ages!



(In order of entry date)

Alzate in the US

Christine Yates in the UK

Pilar Cabello Cabalin in Chile

Regis in France

Emelie from Sweden

Dayan and Rejane from Recife, Brazil

Holly Cavanaugh from California, USA

Patrick in Germany

Michelle from the US

Silke J in Germany

Jesper Forsberg in Sweden

Juan Manuel Rizzo in Argentina

Yukina Narita in Japan
Tomas in Norway
Hei-Nam in Hong Kong
Patricia in Germany
Jan from the US
Alice Salt from the UK
James Nguyen in Sydney
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