Stand up to the ticket touts. Please sign this petition. 09 May 2016

If getting onstage is one of the best things about being a musician, seeing your audience get ripped off is undoubtedly the worst.

At Keane HQ we try hard to ensure that true fans have the best opportunity of getting into shows, at the right price, but are often powerless when faced with organised industrial-scale ticket touting.

At the moment, the law makes it easy for these shady operators to hoover up tickets and profit at your expense – so we are joining with others across the music and creative communities to a support petition that demands politicians tighten up consumer legislation.

If 100,000 of you sign it, then Government will be pressurised to consider the issue for Parliamentary debate.

You can find the petition at this link

Please sign it today and share it among your friends and family.


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