Snowed Under video winner 23 November 2009

Hello again. Here is the third of our eight H&F video contest winners – for Snowed Under. This was another one judged by Tom. Don’t forget, we’ll be announcing the overall contest winner once we’ve announced all the invidual song winners. (The individual winners each get a signed copy of the Hopes And Fears Deluxe Edition.)


Karen Loewy from Barranquilla, Colombia (video above)
Tom: This is brilliant! Once again, animation wins me over! Yet another video that enriches and adds to the song. This must have taken her ages but I think it really shows. I loved the combination of text in and amongst the plasticine figures. It reminded me of elements of the Michel Gondry film, The Science of Sleep! The naïve animation is very striking and the short stories within the story are great, especially the ‘drowning man’!! Well done!



Lori Wolfe from the US
Tom: I really wouldn’t have imagined that a video using a rabbit puppet could work but this is evidence that it can! It made me feel both sad and happy (actually to the point of laughing) which I think is a great representation of the song itself. Lots of great details and elements to this one.

Yolanda and Martine Van Wijk from Dordrecht, The Netherlands
Tom: Beautiful shots, especially at the start – congrats to the Director of Photography! I liked the way it has a sense of positivity and hope – after all, it’s a song about looking to the future and not getting hung up on the past! It’s very hard to make a story like this work but I think this achieved it!


(In order of entry date)

Caroline Brie from France

Nathalie Vinciguerra from France

Becky Blake and Megan Smith from the UK

Elena from Russia

Julia Löfman from the Aland Islands, Finland

Mora in Argentina

June in the US

Emma Cooper from East Sussex, UK

Lee Mew in Singapore

Vera Tourovtseva in Denver, USA

Karen Bates in the US

Marina in Argentina

Veronika from the Czech Republic

Denise and Walter in Brazil

Danny and Chivis from Mexico

Emma in Sweden

That last one is lovely, isn’t it? (The only reason it wasn’t shortlisted was because it doesn’t have the full song)

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