She Has No Time video winner 17 November 2009

Hey folks, we've decided to announce the winner for each song from the Hopes And Fears contest, before finally announcing the overall, grand prize winner.

We begin with She Has No Time, which was judged by Tom.


Muhammad Abiyoso from Indonesia (video above)
Tom: This, for me, was the clear winner. I love animation, especially when it's done as well as this! The simplicity of the images and the timing of the edit was absolutely perfect for the song, not just capturing the essence of the song, but lending it a new emotional quality. The ending took me by surprise but it's cool to see the song interpreted in a different way. Very, very well done!!


Marieke van der Veen from the Netherlands
Tom: Really strong, simple idea which I thought brought the song into a real, everyday context. Very striking in black and white, nicely shot and edited

César Alvarado from Guatemala
Tom: I always enjoy videos with a story. Loved the masks. Very ambitious but I thought you pulled it off well!

Beatriz Caetano from Switzerland
Tom: This was a very strong contender. Thought the abstracted shots and changing scenes brought a really interesting emotional dimension to the song. The shot of the dancer outside seemed particularly powerful. I also enjoyed the contrast of black and white against colour, especially the points at which it came in the song!


(In order of entry date)

Kualla from Ukraine

Edwin Stevens from the Netherlands

Jacqueline Flareau from New York

Kelly from Canada

Nathan from Utah, USA

Romina Zapata Maldonado from Chile

Mia from Maine, USA

Nicole from USA

Josh Truax

Maria Swann from Sheffield, UK

Grace Bentley-Leek

David Linacre from Liverpool, UK

Alessia from Ontario, Canada

Rafael Schaefer Pasold from Brazil

Tamara M from Canada

Mica from Argentina

Nic from USA

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