SFAM video liveblog 04 February 2010

8.58pm: So that's it. As ever, big thanks to you all for joining in and keeping us company. You folks rock. We'll leave you with some nice pics of Tom doing his thing...
Good night!

8.52pm: And that, folks, is a wrap. A rap wrap, in fact, as Tom finished off his duties by doing the whole song straight to camera, including a very impressive ad-libbed rendition of K'Naan's rap. Looks like we'll have to save Beth's answers for another day (but thanks for all the questions - we will ask a bunch of them).

8.38pm: We're told that once Tom finishes this "set-up", his work here will be done. K'Naan, meanwhile, will have to do a bit more. Almost twelve hours in and the crew are still paying attention to every last detail of camera and lighting. Impressive.

8.33pm: I was wondering what's impressions of K'Naan were? how is he getting on with Tom?
Lonelykeanefan from the UK x

He seems like a really nice chap. Quite quiet and thoughtful, but never far away from a grin either. He and Tom seem to get on well. They've been keeping each other chuckling between takes.

8.29pm: Beth and Tom, waiting. There's been an awful lot of waiting today. We're starting to understand why Richard and Tim might not be too desperate to be in the videos...

8.12pm: Here's the pictures of Tom and K'Naan...

8.10pm: Tom and K'Naan just did their big bit together. Pictures on their way...

7.56pm: Just been downstairs, where K'Naan is about to record the scene with his rap.


Beth questions to follow...

7.40pm: Right, who's got a question for Keane's legendary PA, Beth? Get 'em in to and we'll ask her. (We're only here for another 50 minutes or so, by the way).

7.37pm: Please! Can you find out if the EP will be edited in South America? and if it will approximate date? Thank You! Jime from Argentina

We're not sure about the CD (will check and let you know) but as far as we know, the digital album will be available worldwide from

7.36pm: Even when Tom's on a break, there's a camera following him. What are they laughing at? Tom is currently telling a very funny story about a night out in NYC with Huey from Fun Lovin' Criminals.

7.30pm: I have a question for all of you... I am attempting to do my chemistry coursework right now, and I am feeling a bit under the weather!! I was wondering if you had any tips that hepled you with your GCSE revision? perfectlysymmetrical

Work *really* hard for 45 minutes. Take a 20 minute break. Work *really* hard for 45 minutes. Take a 20 minute break. Repeat to fade. (Beats sitting there for hours not really working very hard but wishing you were having a break).

7.26pm: Is the rapping song a one off? I hate rapping music and would hate to think Keane are going to continue with that sort of theme? Joanna

Hate's a strong word Joanna. Did you never like a song with rap (or, indeed, spoken word) on it? Can you really hate an entire genre with so many sub-genres? We'd definitely recommend approaching Night Train with an open mind. The reason we love it is that it has some really great songs on it. Some of them happen to feature rap, others don't. But it's still Keane and it's still ace. Trufax.

7.22pm: is there going to be a second day of shoot?Floxx

Nope, just one day. Then it'll go to post-production where they'll do all the really clever bits...

7.20pm: Lithuanias fans reading the blog too ;) best wishes from snowy country :)

Hello Lithuania! Nice to have you onboard. It definitely isn't snowy in Mexico, Brazil or Argentina. We know this because you keep sending us pictures showing us how LOVELY AND SUNNY it is there. Dang.

7.18pm: More from the video shoot, which has moved into a new part of the venue. It's really nice to hear the little snippets of the Stop For A Minute while they film. Oh, and here's a fact for you - Tom never mimes, he always sings along to the backing track. Sounds mighty good too.

6.58pm: Wow, didn't realise quite how hungry we were until that sushi just turned up. That certainly filled a hole. Tom was displaying impressive chopstick technique while munching his. And now he's off back downstairs for more video filming.

6.46pm: It is night in London? Belén

It certainly is. Here's how it's looking from the window...

That building on the left, is fondly known as the Gherkin.

6.39pm: Cool Blur! I wonder if Tom has Keane songs in his laptop...? Jessica, Mexico

We just looked (he's popped away for a minute) and, yes, he has all three albums on there.

6.32pm: Tom is blasting out the tunes on his laptop at the moment. Beetlebum by Blur right now. Tuuune.

6.26pm: Is the video finished? asks Deidre

Not by a long shot. The filming is expected to go on late into the night ( is planning to be here for another two hours).

6.18pm: Tom is back upstairs, as is K'Naan. Presumably the stylish extras are having to take the video strain for a while...

6.11pm: Richard Hughes has now left the building. Thanks for all your questions guys.

6.03pm: In March I may visit London (for the first time). What places would you suggest me to visit?
amc3 , Portugal
R: Um… any of the galleries or museums. There are lots of free ones in London. The river. Maybe try to go on a boat on the river, it really is quite good. And there's always loads of concerts and comedy on, so see what you can get tickets for. And don't be afraid of the Underground, it's by far and away the quickest way around London.

I've been following you on Twitter and I have a doubt:
Could you finally fix the guttering?
Love from Argentina
R: Oh, yes! I did. I managed to bodge it together. And I didn't fall off the ladder.

For people who don't know whats the difference between an EP and an Album
Leanne xx Nottingham, UK
R: An EP is, like, half an album.

6.00pm: richard is it your decision not to be in most of the videos? flor from arg
R: Sometimes it just works better with one person to focus on, like in the Lovers Are Losing. And sometimes it is our decision. We probably could've been in this one, but although it probably sounds like making videos is fun, it really isn't.

Hi Rich - climbed any mountains recently?
Love pauline x
R: I'm not really a big mountain climber, I prefer bouldering, And I've been doing quite a lot of that. Bouldering is quite low level, rather than climbing cliffs or mountains. There are lots of indoor centres where you can do it, but there's also loads of outdoor places to do it in the UK. And there's an amazing place just south of Paris where you can do it, called Font. I went there with Jake the engineer when we were recording in Paris.

Soldiers? I thought you are vegetarian? What are soldiers?
Greetings from Munich, Inge
R: Soldiers are bits of toast, cut into strips, that you dip into your egg.

5.52pm: Did you travel any place new and interesting in January?
Janel ~ ohiofan
R: No. I haven't been anywhere. I tried to go to Tim's house, but a lorry drove into my car. We were stuck in traffic and a lorry drove into my car, very, very slowly. I was fine, but it wasn't really ideal. I had to walk back to a tube station and catch a tube home. Quite annoying.

5.50pm: Hello Richard :) We know you like to do the odd bit of farming & so our question is, what animals do you have on your farm? (if any)
Alice and Jo
R: They're not actually my animals, but they're mainly sheep. Occasionally cattle if they escape from the next field.

Hello Richard. Are you looking forward to watching the Winter Olympics this month and which sport do you fancy having a go at?
Sam. UK.
R: I'm not a massive fan of the Olympics to be honest, I think it's too corporate and involves installing a lot of security equipment that doesn't get taken down when they leave. But I do love the sporting side. I'd like to be a passenger in a bobsleigh. The scared guy in the middle with his head down.

How much do you enjoy playing "Stop For A Minute" on the drums? Fábio, Portugal
R: It's really fun. It's more of a groove-based song and it was really, really fun to record. We were at a studio which was all open plan and we all just sat around and played our stuff.

5.46pm: Are you going to see A-ha on their farewell tour????
R: We were all invited down to see them in London late last year, but sadly none of us were around. I'd love to see them. I've never actually seen them play. 

Does Rick wear funky red socks as well?!?
R: No. Just plain black today. Although we all have loads of those same socks Tom has and they all get muddled up. We just have communal socks on tour!

it's 135 days til i see you live are you looking forward to the forest tour
Leanne xx Nottingham, UK
R: Yeah, I am. I think it's going to be a really great night out. I'm really looking forward to seeing Everything Everything and the Helio Sequence.

5.43pm: Hi Rich .Are you happy about this new album ?
Deidre xx
R: It's an EP! But yes, I'm really, really excited about it. I think people are going to really enjoy it. And it shows yet another side to Keane.

Hi Rich! Nice to see you there!..What do you think of "Stop For A Minute"? How would you describe it? Lots of Love from Argentina!...Jime
R: I think it's a massive pop song. It's incredibly catchy. I love it.

Hi Richard! It is possible that in the next video there will be just you and Tim??? Carol, Brazil
R: Not if I've got anything to do with it! Perhaps if Tom's directing it!

5.40pm: Do you think you'll do concerts in Europe after the Forest Tour? (We really want you to come to Holland !!!!)
R: Possibly. We have talked about doing a few things, probably in places we've never been before. 

richard, as my cat is sitting right next to me at the moment, how are your cats doing then?
R: They're alright, thanks. One of them escaped yesterday and ran off down the street. They're not supposed to go out in London, cos it's so busy. But we got it back. It was Pitney.

mr. hughes, what was you favourite movie from last year?
Orlando, FL
R: Ooh. Um…. was the Hurt Locker out last year? And I thought Up was great too.

5.37pm: Rich is back!

Rich….Enjoying your day off?
Samanta G from Mexico
R: Yes, I am. I haven't really done much. But, yes.

Did you have a nice lunch? :D
Rose-Ann, Sweden
R: I had a late breakfast of boiled eggs and soldiers. So, yes, thank you.

Hi Richard! So happy to see you there!!! What makes you decide to give Tom moral support at last? haha! We thought you wouldn't! Syrinx from China
R: Well, it's quite hard work doing videos and I thought it'd be nice to come down and say hello. And it's not far from where I live, so it wasn't too much effort!

5.31pm: The questions are coming thick and fast. We've already had more than 400 emails from you folks today. Amazing.

5.25pm: Rich has just popped downstairs to take some pictures - get those questions in for when he gets back. Oh, and hello to Wayve from the Philippines, who adds another to our countries list. And Israel too.

5.24pm: How is Richard? Sophie :)
Richard: I'm very well, thanks. I've just got a flat white from a coffee shop across the road. It's good.

5.22pm: Right, who's got a question for Richard? Send them in to

5.21pm: It's a good job we didn't disturb K'Naan earlier - apparently he's actually making some new tunes on his laptop. And now that the interview is done, he's gone straight back to that.

5.15pm: Hello folks! I'm eating spaghetti and next peaches mmmmmmmmm ! What are you eating? Don't waste water! take care! xxx Valentina from Mendoza, Argentina

Well Valentina, the big difference between doing a liveblog on tour and doing a liveblog at a video shoot is that there is no catering! So, at the moment, not much!

5.12pm: It's Tom and K'Naan! They're doing a video interview. We will, of course, be fighting for the footage for!

5.07pm: Nicoya in the Netherlands has been at home with the flu since Monday and has been relying on her laptop and hot water bottle to keep her amused and comfortable. She's reading the blog so how worried should she be now?
Son 2, UK.

Hmm, we understand your concern. The key seems to be avoiding exposing your body to hot items for long periods. We'd suggest perhaps using a tray (or something) to put the laptop on and not hugging the hot water bottle too near to her for too long. Or something.

5.04pm: Looks who's turned up to say hello and see how things are going!

Tom was chewing a Malteser when this picture was taken...

4.51pm: It's no exaggeration to say that Tom was standing in exactly the same place as when we left him downstairs 40 minutes ago. It's tough work this video making.

4.43pm: What's the weather like in London town? I can say it's very murky on the Isle of Man. Elliot

Murky sounds about right for here too. Quite chilly. Not rainy. Very grey. And starting to get dark.

Tom's still downstairs. We're going to venture down and take some more pics...

4:39pm: What do you, blogger, think of "Stop For A Minute"? Fábio, Portugal

It's definitely among our favourites on Night Train. It's bright and bold and hooky, with the kind of big, memorable chorus you'd expect from Keane. In short, we like it very much. Genuinely.

4.37pm: Working as a GP in an area of the UK with a high percentage of elderly people, the usual cause of erythema ab igne that I see is from a hot water bottle, rather than a lap-top !!  Jane (UK)

What?! Hot water bottles are dangerous too?!!!

4:35pm: This is what we can see out of the window from where we are. From the fact they're standing there quite openly spraying the wall, we think they're probably allowed to. But we've blacked their faces out, just in case they're not.

4.28pm: Flor from Argentina has just pointed out that a younger version of Tim, with the same dress sense, is currently appearing on TV over there.


4.23pm: Tom is still downstairs, singing along to the chorus of Stop For A Minute over and over and over and over and over again. K'Naan is up here on the top floor with us, headphones on, looking at his laptop. We were going to take a picture of him, thinking he probably wouldn't notice, but then we thought WHAT IF HE'S LOOKING AT KM.COM? So we decided not to.

Meanwhile, we're now being inundated with pictures of people's socks. We're not sure anyone can top Deidre's:

4.20pm: Tom might not have any tattoos, but Sofia from Hungary has two Keane ones. And here they are...


We're not sure we'd actively encourage Keane fans to get Keane tattoos (a tattoo is for life, etc), but those are quite something!

4.16pm: Hi :) Are you allowed to tell us where the video is being filmed? Sophie in Scotland

Not sure, but Beth's not here, so we'll go for it. In a bar/pub/venue in a fairly tasty part of London.

4.14pm: Mena has pointed out that a glass appears to be floating in one of our pictures, and asks if the video contains magic. Not as far as we know Mena, but, as the picture you attached proves, you clearly have a point...


4.12pm: Is the vid going to be in B&w as well? Monica from Chile

No, don't think so. That's why we made our pictures B&W, to try and keep the colours a secret (not that Tom's painted blue for it or anything).

4.09pm: "I really like Tom's red socks. Here's a pic of mine" writes Amanda, to


4.05pm: Fred from France, meanwhile, has this to say: "I think that Emie is talking about a benign reaction of the skin (beginning by a redness and leading to a pigmentation of the skin) due a repetead exposure to the heat that can be generated by the computer, in French it is called "dermite des chauferettes". It seems that it is called "erythema ab igne" in english...

4.03pm: This just in from the chap known as Drinky. "This is why you don't put laptops on your lap."


4.01pm: And here's some pictures...

3:57pm: So... we've just been downstairs, watching Tom film some of the video. It's very stop start-y. Not sure being an extra doing this all day is quite as glamourous as you might imagine. Anyway, pictures to follow.

3:32pm: What on earth is Dermitt? It isn't a nasty illness or something, is it? *takes laptop off legs*

Good question Ellen. We have no idea. But better safe than sorry...

3:31pm: That was fun, wasn't it? Thanks for sending in your questions.

3:30pm: Why did you cut your hair so short?
Tom: Well, I'm not aware that it is so short. But people keep telling me it is. At the time I just thought I was getting a normal length haircut. I do quite like it short, though. But for those people that are worried, don't be - it will grow back!!

Are you hiding a tattoo on your arms? or just afraid to show them? ;)  / Emma, Sweden
Tom: Nope. I don't have any tattoos. I've never really considered one. The UTIS artwork would make for nice tattoos
Tom: Mmm, but I'm not sure I want to be branded with Keane!

What has been the most exciting moment of this video so far? YOYIS from Chile
Tom: I had a very good ham and cheese toastie. And when I did the second scene, having done the first scene with my leg up on my knee, I said to the director "Do you want me to put my leg up in this scene?" and one of the extras burst out laughing as if it was the funniest thing she'd ever heard. Curious.

Hi Tommy !!!  Are you missing Tim, Richie and Jesse right now ??? Aida
Tom: Well, they ARE missing. They should be here to give me moral support. Instead they're probably getting drunk and laughing at pictures of me! Actually, I think Tim or Richard might be popping down at some point today. We'll see. But they're not in the video, so they're not really expected to come and sit here all day.

Are your red socks a Christmas gift? Laura
Tom: Haha! No they weren't actually. I've had my red socks for ages. I bought them from American Apparel. I did have about five pairs of them from there, but I'm down to the last pair now. I do go through them!

Do you like doing video shoots?
Tom: Not really. It's quite exciting to think about what the end result might be. ALthough sometimes it doesn't quite turn out as you expect. But the days themselves tend to drag on and be quite boring. Cos you can never quite sit and relax. You're permanently required by someone who comes to get you. I feel sorry for them, they bear the brunt of my huffing and puffing.

Are you gonna rap?
Tom: Do you mean at the gigs when K'Naan's not there? I shouldn't think so. Maybe Tim will....

when are they going to release the video?
florencia from argentina
Tom:  Probably around the beginning of April.

3:19pm: Tom shouldn't put his laptop on his legs, it can cause dermitt or something! haha Emie
A: I've been putting my laptop on my legs for years and I don't have any dermitt.

3:18pm: "Does Tom read the live blogs?" Chi
A: Yes, of course. I like to know what I'm doing.

3:16pm: So, who's got a question for Tom? Let's keep it simple - so they have to be answered with either "yes" or "no". Fire them over to now...

3:15pm: Estonia and Japan are on board too. The world is, literally, watching.

3:13pm: So, we've just asked Beth (Keane's lovely PA) what we're allowed to tell you about the new video. The answer is, we're afraid, not very much. Oh well. We can tell you it's a) being filmed in London, b) Richard and Tim do not feature in it c) Tom and K'Naan do and, um, d) lots of stylish extras do too.

3:08pm: Tom's still listening to music on his laptop. He followed up Glenn Campbell with the Hollies (He Ain't Heavy) and now he's onto What's Going On by Marvis Gaye. K'Naan's here and he's listening to music too (only with headphones, so we can't tell you what...). Anyway, here's Tommy...

3:04pm: Add Mexico, Peru, Canada and Hungary to that list of countries. Perhaps the most unusual location of someone reading this is Lex who works at Disneyland in Orlando. Don't let Mickey catch you. Apparently he's got a bit of a temper.

3:02pm: "Where are Tim, Richard and Jesse?" ask a bunch of you to They're not needed for the video. It's mainly about Tom and K'Naan, with a whole load of stylish extras. We haven't seen the stylish extras yet, as we're up on the top floor of the building where the video is being filmed. The room has nice floorboards. So nice, in fact, that we're using them as the new background for

2:59pm: Tom is currently waiting to do a bit more filming, listening to this on his laptop (um, that video is the only one we could find on YouTube with that song).

2.53pm: So, we've got people reading the blog from... the Netherlands, Germany, Argentina, Florida, Brazil, China, Chile, Moscow, Taiwan, UK, Portugal, Germany, Sweden, Scotland, Spain, Paris, Australia and Italy. Doesn't the wonder of the internet boggle your mind sometimes? Thanks for joining folks.

2.49pm: Crikey, you've already sent us more than 50 emails to - just whizzing through them...

2.39pm: Here's Tommy! He's been here since 9am this morning and says the video shoot if going very well so far.

2:32pm: in the house! And only a couple of minutes late. Now, let's get our bearings...

1.58pm: As ever, do let us know what you're upto today at It's always nice when you keep us company.

1:31pm Right, we're on the train on our way to the video shoot, hoping to be there by 2.30pm. The shoot is already well underway (thought we'd better let them get some work done before we arrive). Apparently it's "going well" so far. See you there...

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